Keping Ma, Professor

Secretary General for CNC-DIVERSITAS

Phone:86-10-62836223(o), 86-10-82599518(Fax)
Address: Institute of Botany, CAS, No.20 Nanxincun, Xiangshan, Beijing 100093, China

Research Interest: Plant community ecology and biodiversity science.

Being one of the Chinese scientists who initiated biodiversity research in China in early 1990s, I contribute myself to Chinese biodiversity conservation research. In collaboration with my colleagues, I initiated the establishment of CForBio, digitization of specimens in China, set-up of CVH, Catalogue of Life-China and EOL-Chinese Regional Center. I attended most of the meetings of conference of parties (COP) to Convention on Biological Diversity, its related extro-COPs and SBSTTA meetings, and working group meetings on thematic issues as a scientific advisor to Chinese delegation. I also participated in evaluations on many nature reserves and national parks in China and gave lectures and conservation advices to nature reserve managers.

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  • 1987 − 1991, Ph.D., Plant Ecology, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China.
  • 1985 − 1987, M.Sc., Plant Ecology, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China.
  • 1978 – 1982, BA, Biology, Qiqihar University, Qiqihar, China.


  • 1995 − present, Professor, IBCAS
  • 2006 − 2010, Director General, IBCAS
  • 2002 − 2006, Deputy Director General, IBCAS
  • 1998 − 2002, Director of Research Center for Plant Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation, IBCAS

Professional Affiliations

  • Chinese Science Bulletin (Associate Editor-in-Chief, 2010 − 2014)
  • Botanical Society of China (Vice-President, 2009 − present)
  • Biodiversity Science (Editor-in-chief, 2008 − present)
  • Forest Ecology and Management (Member of the Editorial Committee, 2007 − present)
  • Chinese National Committee, DIVERSITAS (Secretary General, 2004 − present)
  • Biodiversity Committee, CAS (Deputy Director & Secretary General, 2004 − present)
  • Councillor, IUCN (2007 − 2012)
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Member of the Editorial Committee, 2006 − 2010)
  • Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology (Editor-in-chief, 1998 − 2008)


  • 马克平主持. 典型森林群落生态多样性维持及其对全球变化的响应(重点研发计划课题,2017 - 2022)
  • 马克平主持. 群落多样性的形成与维持机制(先导B课题,2017 - 2018)
  • 马克平主持,国家标本资源共享平台建设(科技部国家科技基础条件平台之一,2011 -)
  • 马克平主持. 古田山亚热带森林林下真菌多样性多尺度格局及其与幼苗动态的关系(基金委面上项目,2015-2018)
  • 马克平主持. 亚热带森林地上植物多样性与地下微生物多样性及生态系统功能关系的研究 (国际合作,2014-2017)
  • 马克平主持,西南生物多样性评估与产业开发策略 (院科技服务网络计划项目,2014-2016)
  • 马克平主持,森林固碳对气候变化响应的群落学机制:大型森林动态样地途径 (基金委面上项目,2013-2016)
  • 马克平主持. 亚热带常绿阔叶林北部区域森林固碳现状、速率和潜力研究 (生态系统固碳现状、速率、机制和潜力课题的专题,2011-2015)
  • 马克平主持. Dimensions 合作研究项目:整合系统发育、功能性状和转录组学区分森林群落生物多样性驱动因素 (国际合作项目,2013-2014)
  • 马克平主持,中国生物多样性监测与变化机理研究(中国科学院重要方向项目,2011 - 2015)
  • 马克平主持. 不同人为干扰梯度下气候变化对亚热带森林碳库及碳通量影响的研究(Earthwatch Institute国际合作项目,2009 - 2012)


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