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The Research Group of Biodiversity and Biosafety was founded in 2001. It belongs to the State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research group aims at understanding mechanisms of species coexistence in forest communities across scales, biodiversity and forest ecosystem function and biodiversity of alien invasive plants and genetically modified plants. The group is led by Professor Keping Ma (Principle Investigator).



Mar 20th: Forum for graduate students of BBG.here

Mar 13th: Forum for graduate students of BBG.here

Mar 06th: Forum for graduate students of BBG.here

Jan 16th: Our group annual report meeting. here


Aug 26th: Dr. Xiaoli Shen had her post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations! here

Aug 16th: Dr. Zhengjun Guan had her post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations! here

May 23th: Zhenkai Sun, Jing Guo had their PhD/Master thesis defenses successfully. Congratulations! here

Jan 22th: Our group annual report meeting.here


Oct 28th: Prof.Marc Cadotte from University of Toronto -Scarborough and Prof. Wim van der Putten from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology visited us and gave excellent talks on the topic of community assembly, ecosystem function and multitrophic interactions.here

Aug 8th: Dr. Wensheng Bu had his post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations! On the same day, Dr. Ningning Wang joined us as a post-doc, Welcome!here

Jul 6th: Dr. Jingjing Dong had her post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations!here

May 28th: Aihua Zhao had her master thesis defenses successfully. Congratulations! here

Mar 13-17th: Scientific writing in the context of Biodiversity – Ecosystem functioning was held in Jingdezhen, Jingxi. During five days, 47 students, all of them doing research in the field of biodiversity, have been working on their own scientific papers with the aim to write a publication for a high-ranking international journal under the supervision of ten Chinese, German and American lecturers.here

Feb 9th:  Our group annual report meeting.here


Sep 5th: Dr. Guang Qi had his post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations!

Jul 8th: Dr. Minggang Zhang had his post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations!

May 20-22th: Dunmei Lin, Bo Yang, Bei Yao and Di Cao had their PhD/Master thesis defenses successfully. Congratulations! Bei, Di, Dr. Lin and Dr. Yang!

Apr 4-10th: Sino-German-Swiss Symposium “Linking Chinese and German Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning research in forests” was held in Halle and Tübingen (Germany) to exchange their experience in Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning (BEF)-experiments, which have been conducted in China or Germany. It was organized by Prof. Helge Bruelheide and Prof. Ma Keping.


Dec 16-17th: Our group annual report meeting: Each staff/student summarized his/her work in year 2013 (more pictures here). Six of them won the prize of the most excellent talk!

Nov 18th: Our excellent PhD student Bing Liu successfully finished his thesis defense. Congratulations, Dr Liu!

Nov 4th: Prof. Dr. Montserrat Vilà from Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC), Sevilla, Spain visited our group and gave a presentation about "Impacts of Plant Invasions".

Oct 26th: Sino-German Symposium “Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning research in subtropical forests” was successfully held in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China from October 26th to 29th. News in both Chinese and English see link (Chinese, English).

Oct 22th: The seventh Cross-Strait Symposium about “Large Forest dynamics plots” was held in University of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. Several of our group members attended. More information see link.

Aug: Four researchers from our group got the NSFC founding for next 3 years! Congratulations!

Jun 30th: Wenjing Yang, Lin He, Shan Li, Xinliang Dong and Piao Song successfully finished their thesis defense and graduated! Congratulations! Good luck in coming new life! We will always miss you!

Jun 29th: Dr. Zhengjun Guan won the special funding from National Postdoctor Science Foundation. Wow, Congratulations!

Jun 3rd: Prof. Jens-Christian Svenning visited our group and gave a talk "Vegetation responses to future climate change".

May 3rd: Prof. Bernhard Schmid visited our group for two weeks. During the two weeks, we had workshops together with Prof. Jinsheng He’s group about “Sample surveys, comparative studies and designed experiments”.

Apr 27th: BEF-China Chinese - European PI meeting was held in Sino-German-Center.


Dec 16th-21th: Dr. Jiangshan Lai and Dr. Naili Zhang attended the 2012 BES Annual Meeting at Birmingham University. They were funded by Earthwatch institute and gave presentations at “Climate Change Ecology” session and “Ecology and Function of Disturbed and Fragmented Forests” session respectively.

Dec 18th-19th: Group yearly meeting! All staff, postdocs, students and technicians gave their annual reports and plan for next year. We had a great year and will go on working hard in 2013!

Sep 20th: On behalf of Biodiversity Committee, CAS, Prof. Keping Ma sign an agreement with Prof. Hassan Elsubki Khalid, the director of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Research Institute, Sudan, about jointly setting up the Plant Information System in Sudan. More details.

Sep 6th-15th: Prof. Keping Ma attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) at Jeju, Korea. As a councilor of IUCN and on behalf of Biodiversity Committee of CAS, Keping organized two activities. More details.

Sep 11th: Our former excellent student Dr. Jinlong Zhang came back and visited us. He is going to work in Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden in Hongkong. We miss you Jinlong!

Sep 5th: Dr. Yuanjie Xu had his post-doc thesis defense successfully. Congratulations! Wish you have a wonderful life in your new job!

Sep 2nd-5th: Many group members attended the workshop of “Field works and Data analysis for Large Permanent dynamic plot” in Baotianman National Nature Reserve, which was hosted by CForBio.

Aug 27th-31st: We hosted a WinBUGS workshop. Marc Kéry from Swiss Ornithological Institute was the lecturer. Thanks Marc and Tobias, it’s an excellent workshop!